Parent as Our Partners

Busy Angels Day Nursery works closely with parents in partnership resulting in a culture of co-operation between the nursery and parents.  Parents hold key information and have a critical role to play in their child’s education and our work will be more effective when parents are involved, we will take into account our parents’ feedback, feelings and perspectives on their child’s development.  We endeavour to ensure that we can accommodate any particular wishes parents may have for their child. 

We always request our parents to share any important information about their child such as changes happening at home, because it can affect their behaviour at nursery.  

The ways through which we build our parent partnership in our setting include the following:

  • Daily diaries – Daily diaries are completed for the children in the baby room and toddler room and they are given to the parents at the end of each day detailing what their child has done during the day.  This is mainly written by the Keyperson and parents to share any information about how a child has been during the day or night such as feeds, if they have been unwell, meals and nappies.

  • Learning journals – Our learning journal of observations and photographs are on online – Tapestry. Where parents can see what their child is doing at the nursery and they can also upload the observation or photograph of any “wow” moments at home.

  • Parents meeting – We hold parent’s meeting at least once a year. This allows practitioners and parents to engage in an in-depth conference to discuss the finer details about their child’s development.

  • Coffee mornings – These can be held as often as the setting can manage and are an opportunity for parents to come into the setting and have a chat with key persons for example speech and language champions, SENCO’s or the chef for ideas on healthy meals.

  • All about me forms – Completed with the parents when a child first starts the setting. This gives practitioners all the information they need about a child.

  • Two-year check report – The keyperson meets with the parent/carer when the child turns two to discuss their two year’s check report. Parents write their feedback on the report and discuss the next steps if there are any concerns about their child.

  • Newsletters – A newsletter is also issued to parents every term specifying what we have achieved, any changes made within the setting, future plans and forthcoming events.

  • Parents notice boards – The important information is displayed regularly on the notice boards for the parents/carer. It can be regarding various things – signposting, important numbers, safeguarding, early help, websites, funding, nursery food menus, keypersons, key dates, health and safety information.

  • Open Door policy – Parents are welcome anytime to discuss important issues, ideas or concerns and we will take our parents feedback into account and make changes accordingly where achievable.

  • Events/celebration – At Busy Angels, we organise several events and evenings for parents, children and staff to get together. Every term we invite our parents on a celebration or planned event to come and join us in the nursery, these events include “Breakfast with us”, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, World Book day, Pancake day, Diversity party, Christmas party and Graduation party.

  • Trips – We plan yearly our summer trip with our parents such as going to the beach or visiting park. We also organise a trip to the theatre to watch Christmas plays or the pantomime in November. It is always lovely to see parents or close family member to join us on these trips.

  • Participating in activities – Parents, Grandparents or close family members to the child are welcome to come and join in with nursery activities with their child(ren). They can plan an activity of their choice with their child’s keyperson. Just let us know that you would like to spend time with your child at the nursery.

  • Communication – Busy Angels team is always available to talk and listen to our parents/carer. The parents/carer share the information regularly at the time of dropping and picking them up with the keyperson or the other room staff who are present at the time. We also communicate through phone call and emails with our parents should they be too busy with their schedules.

  • Facebook/Instagram/ WhatsApp group – In near future, we would also like to communicate through Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. Parents will be updated with the photographs of activities done during the day.​​​