Enrolment at Busy Angels Day Nursery

Busy Angels Day nursery always recommend that you view the nursery before making your final decision to enrol your child with us.  On the viewing day, we can discuss your concerns and answer all your enquiries.

After your visit to our Nursery, if you choose to enrol your child with us, the process of enrolment will consist of the following: 

  • We will check our availability to ensure the days or sessions you require are available.

  • We will give you the following forms to fill up:
    1. Registration form
    2. Consent form
    3. Parents contract
    4. All about me
    5. Funding form if your child is entitled to free education or childcare

  • We need following documents from you to process the enrolment
    1. Proof of address
    2. Child’s Birth certificate/passport
    3. Copy of parent’s driving licence/passport.
    4. Child’s red book to check the immunisation.

  • You will need to £35 registration fee which is non-refundable.

  • If you are doing paid sessions, then you need to pay deposit of one-month’s fee in advance. The deposit is refundable when your child is leaving the nursery. The payment can be made by cash or bank transfer.

  • We will arrange the time and days for settling in session with you that is suitable for you and your child.

  • During settling in session, the keyperson will be introduced to you and you can discuss your child’s routines, likes and dislikes with them.

  • We encourage parents to talk to their child, depending on the child’s age and stage of development, about the nursery and the keyperson to increase familiarity of their new environment.

Settling in nursery

We mainly do three settling in days for an hour each day. On the first day the parents/carer will stay with the child in their assigned room for an hour. The second day includes the parent/carer staying with their child for half an hour and for another half an hour they leave their child with us. On the third day, they will leave the child with us for an hour. This is our basic settling in routine. But we do extend the settling in period, if either you or we do not feel that your child has properly settled.

We encourage our new parents to settle their child until both you and your child are relaxed and comfortable in the nursery setting. The settling in sessions within our nursery are all free of charge.

What you need to bring to the nursery?

Depending on the child’s needs, age and stage of development, you need to bring the following things:

  • A change of clothes. Extra underwear/knickers and bottoms if they are potty training
  • Breast milk/ formula milk
  • Bottles/cups
  • Comfort toy or blanket
  • Nappies and wipes

Clothing and Personal Property

We advised our parents/carer that your child will be involved in messy activities at nursery and although the staff will encourage them to wear aprons whenever possible, we would advise that your child does not wear any expensive or branded clothes to the nursery as accidents can happen. We also encourage parents to label all their belonging with their child’s name that they bring to the nursery as it will avoid mixing with other children’s belongings. The nursery will not take any responsibility for items lost, missing, or stolen from the nursery, this also including jewellery.

We welcome comfort toys for children but we do not encourage any other toys from home as they do become upset if items become mislaid or broken. 


If your child is suffering or has symptoms of an infectious illness; your child should participate in an exclusion period from the nursery for a time period advised by a medical professional for the well being of all children and staff attending Busy Angels Day Nursery. For referrals to advised exclusion periods for an illness, please see the link below:

If your child suffers from a non-infectious illness or an allergy, we will facilitate your child with the given medication – as long as it has been prescribed by a medical professional.


A signed medication form must be completed by the parent/carer of the child if they are to provide the nursery with medication for their child.