Our Tulip Room (3-5) yrs

Our preschool room is called Tulips room, the largest room in our setting. We understand that at this stage children need confidence and the skills and desire to think for themselves and be independent. We provide children with a balance of child-initiated and adult planned activities throughout the day. The children are also given opportunity to have free -flow with Sunflower room to access in various areas. We have phonic and number sessions every day to get the children ready for school.

Between the ages of 3 and 5, your child’s independence flourishes and they develop a stronger sense of their own identity and place in the world. The relationships they build with adult carers and, in particular, their key worker will form the basis of much of their learning at this age.

Older children have a more structured programme of play and learning, which is based on pre-school activities in preparation for their transition from nursery to school. They have increased independence and are encouraged to do more for themselves, including choosing and carrying out activities and tasks, with a variety of interesting materials and toys available. Playrooms are set out into different learning areas including maths, discovery, small world, role play, construction, creative play.

Children are encouraged to choose toys from different areas and have continual access to ICT toys, sand, water, home and cosy corners and books. We also support and encourage children in areas such as eating, dressing and helping adults in everyday tasks such as preparing tables at meal times and also helping to clear up after meals.

We recognise the importance of your child’s all-round development and concentrate on building their social, emotional, intellectual, physical and language skills. A daily physical education session is planned to develop their strength and co-ordination and several group sessions are integrated into the daily routine to develop social and communications skills, with a focus on both letter and sound activities.

Children’s language is now much more complex and we encourage them to join in conversations to learn to use longer sentences and to begin to think about the past, present and future. We also introduce children to the concepts of dangers and safe limits. An increased interest in joint play, such as make-believe, construction and puzzles help to develop comprehension and planning and reinforces the important social skills of sharing and co-operation.

Busy Angels team work together with parents to ensure that the children experience a smooth transition from nursery to school. We do various activities related to school such as dressing up in school uniforms, reading books regarding School transition and inviting children from school to talk about their experience in the school. The keyworker will provide parents with an assessment report based on seven key areas of EYFS before they leave the nursery.